Cryptocurrency vs. Cash

Before cryptocurrency and digital currency, there was only cash. You had to carry hard cash in your pocket to purchase everything.

However, with time, digital currency came into existence. Although millions of people use digital currency for transacting these days, cash is still the safest option. And now, cash seems to coexist with cryptocurrency. But how does cryptocurrency compare to cash? Let’s find out below:


If you consider safety, cryptocurrency is safer than digital currency. It works on the basis of a digital ledger known as the blockchain. Also, the complete system makes sure to keep your identity completely secure.

Now, this may sound pretty secure, but crypto falls into the category of online transactions, just like digital currency. And online transactions are always open to risk. However, if you consider cash, you can transact offline using cash. It seems like the safest option available.

What’s the worst that can happen? Maybe, you might end up burning, losing, or tearing all your money. However, you can prevent/stop this from happening by keeping the majority of your money in the bank. And you can withdraw only as much as you need.

Ease of transaction

Almost everyone on this planet accepts cash. Yes, the currency changes as borders do. Still, cash is mainstream. So, if you consider the ease of transaction, cash wins here. You can go to the local grocery shop, purchase some goods, hand cash to the owner, he gives you the change, and you’re done. This is so easy.

However, it’s a bit complex in the case of cryptocurrency. Now, as it’s a form of digital currency, it requires additional information. You need to use more mainstream crypto like Bitcoin for transacting. Even then, it’s not guaranteed that your local grocery shop will accept them. So, it’s a bit complex.

Mainstream Nature

It’s clear that cash is mainstream and crypto is not. Those from the 20th century and a good percentage of people from the 21st century believe more in cash than crypto. It’s the reason most small businesses and street vendors rely on cash.

However, with time more people have understood the importance of digital payments. Also, the number of users relying on digital currencies or cryptocurrencies is increasing steadily. It may not be in the next year, but crypto has the capability of becoming mainstream in the coming future.

So, what do you think cryptocurrency will replace cash completely? Well, if you think closely, it’s a two-step process. First, people using cash will have to switch to digital payments. Once they do so and have enough trust, only then crypto has a chance to become mainstream.

If you consider safety, each day crypto is becoming safe. Maybe at some point, crypto becomes mainstream. But this never means cash will be phased out from the world. Both might coexist in the coming future.