Which is the best crypto to invest in 2022?

The best crypto to invest in 2021 depends on what you consider best. So, unlike other platforms, you won’t find a list of some top currencies in this section. Instead, you’ll find a criterion using which you can decide for yourself. So, if you’re ready, let’s begin.

Why is it important to consider the below factors?

Well, if you put in some research, you’ll find there are over 10,000 or even more cryptocurrencies out there. Are all of them worth the investment? Of course not. Some are highly volatile, while some have no buyers at all. And this is why you should look into the below factors.

How to choose the best crypto?


Look for a digital currency with a local community. A loyal community is one with members sharing the same values and beliefs. You can look at some subreddits or watch some YouTube videos to dig deeper. This way, you can find which cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin are worth an investment.

The team & vision

Who owns the currency? What’s the team like? What’s their vision? The questions will help you determine how real the currency is. If the team has experts with a long-term vision, like in Ethereum, you must invest in that.

Credibility & Reputation 

You need to check whether or the coin is credible and holds a good reputation. Here again, Reddit forums will come to your rescue. Visit different communes and find what people have to say about the coin. 


Above all, you need to focus on stability. If the crypto is too volatile, maybe it’s not a worthy investment. And to confirm this, you need to check the price history of the crypto. Also, you need to check how they perform when the market dips or skyrockets.

Investing in cryptocurrency is tough. However, if you consider the above factors, you can find the best crypto to invest in 2021. And this way you can trade safely.